About Us

Who We Are

SnapTech is a small group of highly experienced software architects, developers, and engineers. We believe that good architecture is the single most important element of any successful project.

While most companies are founded by people with a background in sales, our company was founded by people with a background in technology and information systems.

Our Specialties

  • Enterprise Systems Architecture
  • Full Stack Development Experience
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Database Design & Optimization
  • Test Driven Red/Green Development
  • Business Objects

Code Camp 2019

In March of 2019, I was invited as a guest speaker at Code Camp in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
To view the presentation online, Click Here

Our Approach


Our applications are assembled from a collection of prefabricated modular components. This has a drastic impact in savings both in time and money. It also ensures perfect consistency throughout your application, greatly enhancing your user experience.


Our framework is built to grow with your company. Modules can be quickly added or modified without shutting down and restarting. This “hot swappable” design allows your teams to add components quickly without affecting other areas of the enterprise.


We have adopted a wire frame approach to application development. This ensures a complete separation between the applications and technologies. This allows you to forever preserve your application’s overall design. New technologies simply snap in as they are introduced.


Below are just some of the industries, systems, and technologies we have experience with.


Banking & Finance
Shipping & Logistics
Sales & Marketing
Bidding / Project Management


Document Management
Work Flow / BPMS


Database Architecture
C# / .NET
Amazon Web Services
Angular 7
Mobile / Web Technologies

Contact Info

To learn more, please contact us at the following: